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“There are no shortcuts—everything is reps, reps, reps.”


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Peptides and their Place in a Bodybuilder’s Program

by nassos1 on 12.08.2013 at 09:22
by Mike Arnold

It has been about a decade since peptides were introduced to the BB’ing community on a large scale. Prior to that time, there were rumblings of IGF-1 being circulated among some of the top pros, but by and large, this class of drugs was not yet discussed or available to the public. As the years passed by, we saw more and more drugs which carried the title of peptide, hit the market. However, a lack of clinical research, availability issues, contradictory information,

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Guide to Superdrol (contin.)

by nassos1 on 15.04.2013 at 18:47
Bridging & Alternatives
Because SD elicits such rapid gains, a major problem is that they are difficult to keep. One workaround for this problem is to use Superdrol at the start of a longer cycle. For instance, using it to kickstart an injectable cycle. An example of that would look like:

Test Enanthate 500mg for 12 weeks, Superdrol ~20-30mg for the first 4 weeks. As soon as the SD ends, the test kicks in, and allows you to take a few months to capitalize on the already-impressive

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Guide to Superdrol

by nassos1 on 15.04.2013 at 18:43
Superdrol (SD) is also known as methasteron, because it's the 17aa methylated form of the injectable steroid masteron (aka drostanolone). Methylation drastically alters the characteristics of a steroid so SD doesn't have much in common with masteron outside of the fact that it doesn't aromatize. This stuff was originally produced by Designer Supplements, later by Anabolic Xtreme before it got banned. Since being banned, it's surfaced in a few dozen clones (most of them containing either an "S"

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