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    Hi, firstly I would like to thank bodyfreaks.com for the opportunity of this interview and thank you for your compliments. I'm an Australian born and raised Cypriot that has the opportunity to live in both Australia and Cyprus. I fly nearly every year to Cyprus as I have 2 twin girls and their father lives here. I'm actually in Cyprus at the moment. I'm an International Fitness Professional, Nutrition Coach, IFBB Body-Fitness athlete and a Bodybuilding Coach. I love the sun, reading, my family and friends, fitness, yoga and of course bodybuilding J

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    J I grew up with bodybuilding friends and when I was 19 I was either fat from too much partying or skinny from trying to diet all the time. I wanted to look good so I knew I had to train hard. I always wanted to compete in Fitness but never did get serious because I didnt have a gymnastic background. Then when I saw the figure girls at the Arnold Classic in 2002 I was like….. Oh yeah, thats me one day! My friends laughed at me and told me I didnt have the genetics. Thats all I needed, from that day I was like, Ill show ;)

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    The gym is my 2nd home, the place I go to find myself! From the time I walk into the gym to the time I leave the gym I'm there to train, not to make friends. I'm VERY serious when I lift. Outside the gym I get stared at all the time. When I do my groceries, put petrol, pick the kids up from school, I know people look at me funny but this is only in Cyprus as there arent many girls doing this sport so its not normal for them to see a girl with muscle. Fair enough. I hear many negative comments but that only makes me stronger. I love what I do and I will get more girls involved in this sport because they will feel so good, confident, look amazing and be happy for the rest of their lives!

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    I compete in Body Fitness also known as Figure. I love the body of this division as we are athletic and muscly but not as much muscle as bodybuilders and we dont need to be as dry and ripped on stage. Lean but no striations. I love that in Bodyfitness we wear heels and we get marked on stage presentation and this is the girl side of it all. Hair, makeup, bikini! Every girl loves this. I compete in the tall division as Im 1.73cm and my weight or body fat doesnt count. Its my height that matters in bodyfitness and my overall package.

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    I got on stage to prove to myself that when you want something in life, no matter how hard people around you think it is, if you put your head down, work hard, visualize and set goals you will achieve it. I got up on stage for self satisfaction and now its turned out to be my career and hobby.

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    I have competed in 4 competitions. The first time I competed was in Australia 2009 and I competed at the NABBA QLD Novice Figure Championships and I came 2nd.
    My second competition was the 2010 Mr.Cyprus competition and I came 1st in Bodyfitness. My 3rd competition was the 2011 Mr.Cyprus competition and I came 1st in Bodyfitness. I was then chosen to be a part of the Cyprus National Bodybuilding Team and represent Cyprus at the 27th Mediterranean Championships in Malta and I came 1st in Bodyfitness. I was preparing to compete at the 2012 IFBB Nationals in Australia but 3 weeks before the competition I had to stop my preparation due to personal reasons but I'm back to reality now.

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    The mind. Training and dieting is a way of life for all athletes. There is no offseason, we always train and eat to improve our physiques. The hardest thing in my opinion, for any athlete is the mind. It controls everything.

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    In 2009 when I wanted to compete in Australia, I had nobody down there to help me as all my friends were in Cyprus. I invested in the best coach so I could learn everything. Jon Davie is an IFBB Pro bodybuilder and he did all my preparation for 2009 and Jo Rogers who is also a NABBA Bodybuilding champion was my posing coach. In 2011 I decided to do my preparation by myself and any questions I had I would email Jon. I respect my coaches and I always listen to their opinion as they believe in me. I met my partner Avramis Kyriakou, he is also a Cypriot bodybuilding athlete in 2010 and if it wasnt for him during the hardest times cos thats when you need support most, I may not be where I am. I do all my preparations alone now with the help on Avramis and Jon whenever I'm in doubt.

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    At every competition I go to, I make it a habit to go and introduce myself to all the other competitors in my lineup. I believe we are all winners for making it on stage. Its an experience that you never forget and for me I meet people who have the same fitness goals and build new friendships.

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    I have the same routine every single day. I wake up every morning the same time, I work the same time, I train the same time, I eat the same time, I sleep the same time, I cook the same time. Theres no other freaking way! I run my own website and most my work is done on my computer. I work from home all hours of the day.

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    I'm always in preparation, preparation for life! I eat 7 small meals a day and Ill have 1-2 cheat meals a week. Always after a leg session and on Sundays which is my rest day. Im pretty strict with my food and I always carry my 6pack lunch bag with me. Every serious lifter needs one of those bags. I never buy food outside of my home, unless its a cheat meal.

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    In this day and age everybody needs supplements not just athletes. The food we have isnt of the same quality it was 10-20 years ago where supplements werent needed as much. Depending on my goal, my stack always includes WPI protein, casein protein, bcaas, glutamine, multivitamin, fish oils, Zma, CLA and L- carnitine. They are my standard all year round supplements. My favourite supplements are SAN as they are pharmaceutical grade and I love that they have just changed all their products in better quality. For me its quality not quantity and I have a great friendship with the Cyprus SAN distributor so he looks after me.

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    I train and work at World Gym Ashmore in Australia but when I'm in Cyprus I have a problem as the gyms here arent of the same quality in Australia. Gyms in Cyprus are privately owned so I can understand why theyre not as big wheres in Australia, theyre mainly franchises. I need space when I train. Nothing worst than doing a lat pulldown and hitting your elbows on the machine next to you! I have my own headphones and I update my playlist weekly. I listen to Tiesto while I train! In Cyprus I have friends that own their own gyms so every month I change my gym. That keeps my workouts interesting also.

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    Everyday I start my day by taking my dog for a 30-45 min walk. I do a Push, Pull, Legs training program and Ill always do a 20-30 min cool down walk after my weights. I love doing stair climbs and sprints and try to include that in my weekly workout at least twice. The closer I get to a competition the more walking I do and thats only because it takes my mind away from everything else. I dont like to do classes unless its RPM or YOGA. If I dont lift heavy then I'm not challenging my self which means I'm not changing so I always lift as heavy as I can till failure.

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    This is a dangerous question. All federations have their good and bad like all businesses in the world. I dont care about the politics in each federation, whether it be in Cyprus, Greece or Australia. I'm an athlete. My job is to prepare and get on stage to support my federation. If I'm good, Ill represent them, if not, Ill talk to the judges and let them tell me what I have to do to better my physique for next years competition. Thats why I only compete once a year as I believe thats enough time to change my body and improve for the next year. Everybody does the best that they can do wether its me as an athlete or the federations organizing competitions.

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    Lift heavy, eat clean, smile and dont worry about the rest. You are in competition with yourself, not with anybody else. The first time is an experience and then every other time your goal should be to improve for you. Oh and to only listen to one person so make sure you do your homework well when choosing a coach.

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    I love Dana Lyn Baileys shoulders, Oksana Grishinas back & Gale Yates legs. Monica Brant and Jenny Lynn where my idols when I first started.

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    At the moment I'm in preparation and will be returning back on stage for October 2013. I will do the 2013 Australian Nationals to qualify for the Arnold Classic in 2014. If I'm still in Cyprus, I will do the 2013 Mr. Cyprus competition. My goal has always been to compete at the Arnold Classic from the very first day I started to lift. My ultimate goal is to win my PRO card and be the first Cypriot athlete to compete on a PRO stage. Thats a real dream come true. I'm in the process of building something big and will mention it on my website

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    When they tell you NO or you CANT, let that be the trigger because you can and you will. You just have to believe and try!

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    Thank you for taking the time to read my interview and I hope I've motivated you to lift. Please follow me on FB, like my page and let me help you with any questions you have. Once again thank you bodyfreaks.com for this opportunity and if you want to follow me on video make sure you tune into fit-blaster.com and their youtube channel and people its time to shut up and squat! ;)

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